Mission Statement

       The Empowerment Achievement Movement Inc. (T.E.A.M Inc.) is a community based nonprofit organization created to empower youth of the community & abroad with exposure leading to a lifestyle of excellence. We provide workshops and seminars that focus on education, professionalism, finance, family, personal & career development, as well as community service. 


Our Vision


"Empowerment Through Exposure"

We believe that empowerment comes through exposure to past, current, & future events that will encourage unity, strength, courage, & wisdom.


Our Goals

1. Expose youth to historical, cultural, community and educational events and activities.

2. Conduct skill based preparation workshops and seminars for youth.

3. Raise awareness and standards of excellence amongst youth.

4. Enjoy fulfilled outings that will encourage unity & keep the participants engaged.


Our Leadership



                                                                                     Founder & CEO of T.E.A.M., Inc.


        Taj Murdock is the Chief Executive Officer at The Empowerment Achievement Movement (T.E.A.M.). He has been a Barber/Stylist/Hair Care professional for over 20yrs who has recently studied to become a Certified Hair Loss Specialist & Business Consultant.


        Throughout his career, Taj has won 2001 Golden Scissors "Barber Of The Year", worked as the personal barber for the likes of Rasheed Wallace, Scottie Pippen, Bow-Wow, and Boyz II Men to name a few. Also being a hair care specialist, Taj has worked for & retailed for top name companies such as Bronner Bros., Motions, Elasta QP, & currently works with  Influance Haircare. He has also partnered up with Seacret Skin Care line. He recently became a certified Hair Loss Specialist and a registered retail salon with XTC Hair Growth Systems.


     As a graduate of Simon Gratz High School, Taj went on to study Business Administration at Peirce College where he achieved the knowledge & functionality of the world of business. As a man of vision and insight, Taj believes that "genuine leaders have the ability to articulate, initiate, and follow through on their visions." And as an entrepreneur, Taj believes in encouraging others to chase their dreams while maintaining their integrity. Taj is an avid sports fan, lover of music and fashion. His passion for youth is what drives him to teamwork making the dream work!


Why T.E.A.M. Inc?


        As a child, Taj was raised by a single Mother who did her best with what she had but by no means could she teach him how to be a man. So, with little to no real positive role models in life, Taj promised himself that one day he would give back & provide something that he never had.

        So, when Taj began to see all of the self destruction amongst our young black men, he told himself that it was time to take action & launch a platform for young men to find themselves & strive for excellence. In 2014, Taj spoke at a career day at his alma mater Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia, Pa & was so touched by the feedback from one young man that he decided to put together a 9 week mentorship course at the school to address some of the social, educational, economic, etc problems that plague the community.  In 2015, Taj decided to take a step of faith by applying for his 501c3 & today that "Men Of Courage" program has grown to over 20 participants!




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